Sunday, 25 March 2012

Photoacoustic Tomography-New Imaging Technology-Photoacoustic Imaging-Chemotherapy Drugs

Predicting Response To Platinum Chemotherapy Via Marker Of DNA Damage

Scientists have uncovered a marker of DNA damage that could predict who will respond to platinum-based chemotherapy drugs like cisplatin or carboplatin. These drugs are widely used for ovarian cancer, but as with most cancer drugs, it can be difficult to predict who will respond to therapy... read more..

Photoacoustic Imaging Moves From Lab To Clinic

Every new imaging technology has an aura of magic about it because it suddenly reveals what had been concealed, and makes visible what had been invisible. So, too, with photoacoustic tomography, which is allowing scientists to virtually peel away the top several inches of flesh to see what lies beneath... read more..

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