Monday, 5 March 2012

Breast Cancer Survivors-Series Of Commercials-Benefits Of Exercise-Misleading Term

Researchers recommend exercise for breast cancer survivors, lymphedema patients

Lymphedema, a chronic swelling condition common in breast cancer survivors, affects three million people in the US. In the past, most people believed that exercise might induce or worsen lymphedema. After reviewing the literature, researchers say the benefits of exercise outweigh the risks for breast cancer survivors and patients with lymphedema. read more..

Still NED and Doing Fine: 'Cancer Free' Is a Misleading Phrase

A heart-warming series of commercials currently running on television shows factory workers wishing they could meet the cancer survivors whose lives have been saved by the technology they build.  My favorite part of these commercials is the survivor who says that she now has "no evidence of disease."  She does not utter the over-used and misleading term "cancer-free."  The problem with the term "cancer-free" is that generally... read more..

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