Sunday, 18 March 2012

Neighborhood Environment Influence Girls-Stages Of Breast Cancer-Surprising Connection

what is metaplastic breast

Metaplastic breast cancer is a rare form of breast cancer that is often treated aggressively and has uncertain prognosis. (Source: Breast Cancer)MedWorm Sponsor Message: Have a look at The Breast Cancer Daily, the new breast cancer portal with all the latest breast cancer news and research powered by MedWorm, updated daily. read more..

Does neighborhood environment influence girls' pubertal onset? Findings from a cohort study. - Deardorff J, Fyfe M, Ekwaru JP, Kushi LH, Greenspan LC, Yen IH.

BACKGROUND: Pubertal onset occurs earlier than in the past among U.S. girls. Early onset is associated with numerous deleterious outcomes across the life course, including overweight, breast cancer and cardiovascular health. Increases in childhood overweig... (Source: SafetyLit: All (Unduplicated)) read more..

Surprising Connection Between Breast Cancer Cells And Surrounding Tissue

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Biologist Lee Ligon has found a previously unknown connection between breast cancer tumor cells and the surrounding healthy tissue. The results provide new information on the earliest stages of breast cancer metastasis... read more..

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