Tuesday, 13 March 2012

The Journal Of Clinical Investigation-Human Breast Cancer Metastasis-Iranian Students News Agency

Lymphedema: Separating Fact From Fiction

Given the abundance of breast cancer data, this review will focus on breast cancer–related lymphedema. However, the principles and controversies discussed are relevant regardless of the type of malignancy to which the lymphedema is attributed. (Source: Cancer Network) read more..

News From The Journal Of Clinical Investigation: March 12, 2012

ONCOLOGY New Determinant of Human Breast Cancer Metastasis Discovered Researchers at the University of Kentucky's Markey Cancer Center in Lexington, KY have provided new insight as to why the most severe subtype of breast cancer in humans frequently metastasizes... read more..

Iranian scientist creates gas-filled aspirin to fight cancer

An Iranian scientist has developed a gas-filled aspirin that can boost the cancer-fighting ability of the drug, the Iranian Students News agency (ISNA) reported. read more..

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