Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Estrogen Receptor Positive-Radiologia Brasileira-Oestrogen Receptor-Patient Guidelines

CAD and mammography: why use this tool?

The objective of the present review is based on the need to get the medical community acquainted with this tool as an auxiliary, quantitative and non-operator-dependent method, to improve the diagnosis of breast cancer. (Source: Radiologia Brasileira) read more..

Women With Estrogen Receptor Positive Breast Cancer Can Safely Bear Children

New research has shown for the first time that it is safe for women who have been diagnosed with oestrogen receptor positive breast cancer to become pregnant, despite doctors' previous fears that pregnancy could boost levels of oestrogen in the body and cause the cancer to return... read more..

Aspirin linked to cancer prevention

Aspirin has a proven ability to prevent cancer which should be factored into new patient guidelines, according to the British lead author of a major new study. Professor Peter Rothwell believes the ... read more..

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