Thursday, 19 April 2012

University Of British Columbia-Molecular Diagnostics-Treatment Algorithms-Breast Cancer Genes

Scientists rewrite rulebook on breast cancer in landmark global study

(University of British Columbia) Scientists at the BC Cancer Agency and University of British Columbia have identified new breast cancer genes that could change the way the disease is diagnosed and form the basis of next-generation treatments. (Source: EurekAlert! - Cancer) read more..

Molecular Profiling Assays in Breast Cancer: Beyond Prime Time and Into Syndication

Future randomized studies should focus on determining which patients benefit most from the inclusion of molecular diagnostics in treatment decision making and on the development of treatment algorithms that incorporate patient factors, histologic and biologic findings, and molecular markers. (Source: Cancer Network) read more..

Breast Cancer Is 10 Diseases Says Landmark Study

Breast cancer is at least 10 different diseases, each with its own genetic signature and pattern of weak spots, according to a new landmark study that promises to revolutionize diagnosis and prognosis, and pave the way for individualized, tailored treatment... read more..

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