Saturday, 21 April 2012

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Breast cancer rules rewritten in 'landmark' study (BBC News Online, 18 April 2012)

A new system for classifying breast cancers, likened to a 'map' for diagnosis and treatment, is published in Nature.Full article (Source: Society for Endocrinology)MedWorm Sponsor Message: Have a look at The Breast Cancer Daily, the new breast cancer portal with all the latest breast cancer news and research powered by MedWorm, updated daily. read more..

Human neural stem cells with tumor targeting ability discovered

Could engineered human stem cells hold the key to cancer survival? Scientists have discovered that neural stem cells possess the innate ability to target tumor cells outside the central nervous system. This finding was demonstrated successfully on breast cancer cells. (Source: ScienceDaily Headlines) read more..

Revisiting the “10% rule” in breast cancer sentinel lymph node biopsy: an approach to minimize the number of sentinel lymph nodes removed

Conclusions: The “10% rule” is best used as a guide at the investigators' institution. Strict adherence to this rule appears to result in the removal of an excessive number of lymph nodes, which may contribute to excessive health care costs and patient morbidity. (Source: American Journal of Surgery) read more..

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