Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Nanotechnology Research Institute-University Of South Florida-Breast Cancer Survivors

Wife’s Breast Cancer Can Hurt Husband’s Health Too: Study

Effect on caregivers can last years, researcher says (Source: The Doctors Lounge - Psychiatry)MedWorm Sponsor Message: Have a look at The Breast Cancer Daily, the new breast cancer portal with all the latest breast cancer news and research powered by MedWorm, updated daily. read more..

Cancer Therapies Affect Cognitive Functioning Among Breast Cancer Survivors

Researchers at Moffitt Cancer Center and colleagues at the University of South Florida and University of Kentucky have found that breast cancer survivors who have had chemotherapy, radiation or both do not perform as well on some cognitive tests as women who have not had cancer. They published their study in CANCER... read more..

A Promising Discovery For Breast Cancer Therapy: Human Neural Stem Cells With Tumor Targeting Ability

Could engineered human stem cells hold the key to cancer survival? Scientists at the Institute of Bioengineering and Nanotechnology (IBN), the world's first bioengineering and nanotechnology research institute, have discovered that neural stem cells possess the innate ability to target tumor cells outside the central nervous system... read more..

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