Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Robotic Exoskeleton-Restaurant Workers-Household Chores-Alcoholism Risk-Breast Cancer

UK paraplegic woman first to take robotic suit home

LONDON (Reuters) - A British woman paralysed from the chest down by a horse riding accident has become the first person to take home a robotic exoskeleton that enables her to walk. Although bionic exoskeletons have been used in hospitals and rehab... read more..

Greater alcoholism risk for bar, eatery staff: Swedish study

Bar and restaurant workers in Sweden run a higher risk of alcoholism than the rest of the population, with young women at greatest risk, a study published Tuesday showed. read more..

Housework could reduce the risk of breast cancer

Researchers found women who spent six hours a day doing household chores, going for a brisk walk or gardening were 13 per cent less likely to develop breast cancer than their sedentary ... read more..

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