Friday, 31 August 2012

Palestinian Authority-Leader Yasser Arafat-Research Findings-Invisible Poison-Exercise Program

Factbox: Polonium: lethal, invisible poison

(Reuters) - A Swiss institute said on Thursday that it agreed to a request from the Palestinian Authority to help exhume the body of its former leader Yasser Arafat and determine whether he was poisoned, but time is running out. Here is a look at ... read more..

Exercise Program Benefits Cancer Patients At Fredericksburg Oncology Practice

Fredericksburg Oncology is improving the lives of cancer patients, echoing research findings on the possible physical and mental benefits of exercising with cancer, ... read more..

Exercise Can Help Cancer Patients But Few Oncologists Suggest It

colon cancer treatment, regular exercise has been found to reduce recurrence of the disease by up to 50 percent. But many cancer patients are reluctant to exercise, and few discuss it with their ... read more..

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