Monday, 23 July 2012

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I’m starting my first day of residency for an MFA in poetry writing through the University of Nebraska-Omaha, and it’s all breast cancer’s fault.    I guess I should explain. I started pursuing my undergraduate degree in journalism 31 years ago … Continue reading ? read more..

finding hope beyond the pink ribbons (by Laurie)

My friend Sean Moore, Orit’s husband, posted the following note on FB. I reprint it here with his permission: An enormous number of people have asked about donations in Orit’s name over the past 2 weeks. As many of you know, Orit was very academically minded and spent considerable time reading the medical literature and [...] read more..

Blocking IL-6 Improved Response To Breast Cancer Drug Herceptin

Breast cancer treatments such as Herceptin that target a marker called HER2 have dramatically improved outcomes for women with this type of cancer. But nearly half of these cancers are resistant to Herceptin from the start and almost all of them will eventually become resistant... read more..

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