Monday, 21 May 2012

Exercise And Nutrition-Cognitive Function-Educational Event-Ambitious Target-Cancer Research

Fending off fitness fatigue

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Runners stumble, yogis yawn, and even the bulkiest body builders get bored. But fitness experts say there are specific tricks to help people get and stay motivated. Connecticut-based exercise physiologist Tom Holland, who has ... read more..

Team sets €100k target for cancer research

An ambitious target of EUR100,000 is being set for supporters of an annual cancer research fundraiser. The three-day Kerry Way Walk in aid of the Cork Cancer Research Centre has generated in excess ... read more..

Free 'Beyond Cancer' event June 2

"Moving Beyond Cancer to Wellness" is an educational event that includes topics such as post-treatment fatigue and energy; memory and cognitive function; exercise and nutrition; ... read more..

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